Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Crystal structure prediction of pharmaceutical compounds containing Imide backbone and preparation of their metal complexes: Theoretical studies, synthesis, characterization and structural investigations in view point of Crystal Engineering    Ph.D    momenzadeh abardeh, zahra sada    2018-06-27
2    Design,synthesis and crystal engineering of new series of mercury(II) halid complexes containing a new ester ligand of naphthalene and pyridine rings: The role of substitution in ester ligand    M.Sc.    kheir khah, fatemeh    2018-06-02
3    Synthesis and characterization of Nonporous metal organic framework supported cobalt catalyst and assessment its performance in the Fischer-Tropsch process    Ph.D    DAVOODIAN, NEGIN    2017-12-20
4    Bromination of Phenol and Anillin derivatives in Presence of Mono(6,7-dihydrodipyrido[1,2-a:2',1'-c]pyrazine-5,8-diium) hexabromide, and selective oxidation of Benzyl alcohols to their corresponding carbonyl compounds in presence of Mono(6,7-dihydrodipyrido[1,2-a:2',1'-c]pyrazine-5,8-diium) diperchl    M.Sc.    Izadi Gonabadi, Mohammad    2017-10-23
5    Synthesis of (XC(O)NH)(RNH)2P(O) and (XC(O)NH)(R1R2N)2P(O) phosphoric triamides (X = CHCl2, CH2Cl, CF3 & CCl3, RNH and R1R2N = fragments obtained from primary and secondary amines) and study of ligating behavior of {(XC(O)N)(RNH)2P(O)}– and {(XC(O)N)(R1R2N)2P(O)}– anions with K+ cation    M.Sc.    lal zakaria, negin    2017-10-16
6    Design, synthesis and investigating of the structure of new coordination compounds from transitional metal including thiazole carboxamide ligand: experimental studies with catalytic application    M.Sc.    bayati, saeedeh    2017-06-12
7    Investigation of fluorescence property and theoretical studies on supramolecular new frameworks of inorganic-organic hybrids based keggin type-polyoxoanions and with the highly preorganized of 1,10-phenanthroline ligands with donor groups at the 2 and 9 positions from the viewpoint of crystal engi    Ph.D    khoshkhan, zakiyyeh    2017-05-24
8    Crystal engineering approach to design and synthesize of mercury(II) halid complexes contaning new pyrazine-based ester ligand    M.Sc.    YOUSEFI JAVAN, KIMIA    2017-05-22
9    Kinetic and thermodynamic investigation of hydrogen gas adsorption on carbon structures and MOFs    M.Sc.    Rostami, Siroos    2017-02-06
10    Synthesis and Investigation of Molecular-Crystal Structure of Inorganic-Organic Hybrids Based on Keggin type-Heteropolyanion with Rare-Earth Elements and Pre-organized 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarbaldehyde dioxime Ligand    Ph.D    Derakhshanrad, Shadi    2016-10-31
11    Design, synthesis and characterization of new MOF compounds containing various functional groups in the concept of crystal engineering: Structural aspects and application    Ph.D    Abolghasempour, seiede Arghavan    2016-09-21
12    Synthesis, characterization and structural study of symmetric, chiral, racemic and diastereomeric phosphoramide ligands and their complexes–The synthesis of chiral inorganic polymers with with using phosphorus-nitrogen monomers–Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous nano-catalysts and inves    Ph.D    Karimi Ahamadabad, Fatemeh    2016-09-21
13    Design and investigation of effective factors on the chalcogen bonds of thiophene and thiazole rings: Theoretical studies in the consept of crystal engineering    M.Sc.    toziei, mahboobe    2016-05-30
14    Investigation of substituetion effects and cooperativity interactions on the aromaticity of cyclic supramolecular synthons in viewpoint of crystal engineering    M.Sc.    hashempour, farideh    2016-05-30
15    Crystal engineering of mercury(II) halide complexes contianing new carboxamide ligand with pyrazine ring and 4-thiazolidone    M.Sc.    seidolhosseini, masumeh alsadat    2015-12-26
16    Synthesis of single-enantiomer compounds with pieces [(R) (+)C6H5 CH(CH3)NHP(O)], [(S) (–) C6H5CH(CH3)NHP(O)], [(R) (+)CH3CH2CH(C6H5)NHP(O)] ,[(S) (–)CH3CH2CH (C6H5)NHP(O)]    M.Sc.    Ariani, Maral    2015-12-26
17    Coordination compounds of S-ethyl dithiocarbazate: Synthesis, spectral study, crystal-molecular structure, biological activities and nano-complexes preparation    Ph.D    Yekke Ghasemi, Zahra    2015-12-23
18    Investigation of effect of coordinated ligand containing isophthalic acid derivatives on the crystal-molecular structure of inorganic-organic based hybrids on Keggin-type polyoxometalates from the viewpoint of crystal engineering    Ph.D    taghipoor, fateme    2015-10-31
19    Crystal engineering approach on design and synthesize of new carboxamide ligand containing benzothiazole moiety and its mercury (II) halide coordination compounds: A targeted investigation of benzothiazole interactions    M.Sc.    sedaghat ranjbar, afsaneh    2015-04-29
20    Investigation of competitive or cooperative effects on π-based intermolecular interactions and halogen bond in presence of coordination transition metal complexes: Systematic Theoretical study based on crystal engineering approach    M.Sc.    zahedi zadeh, zahra    2015-04-29
21    Bromination of Aromatic Alcohols in the Presence of 1,2-Ethanediylbis (triphenylphosphonium)ditribromide and the Oxidation of the Some of Benzyl Alcohol Derivatives in the presence of Some Oxidants with 1,2-Ethanediylbis (triphenylphosphonium) Cation and Peroxodisulfate, Diperchlorate and Dichlorate    M.Sc.    salmasi, reihane    2015-03-07
22    Crystal engineering approach on exploring the influence of various synthetic methods on molecular and crystal structure of new metal complexes containing carboxamide ligands based on pyrazine and pyridine rings    Ph.D    Nezhadali baghan, Zahra    2015-01-25
23    Synthesis of new phosphoramide and thiophosphoramide compounds and study on their coordination behavior: structural and statistical analysis of crystallographic data such as space groups and structural disorders    Ph.D    KEIKHA, MOJTABA    2015-01-25
24    Design, synthesis and characterization of molecular and crystal structures of new transition metal complexes containing ester ligands based on pyridine and pyrazine rings; Crystal engineering approach to investigate the weak intermolecular interactions    Ph.D    samie, ali    2015-01-25
25    Crystal engineering studies on new coordination compounds with carboxamide ligand containing tetrahydrofuran moiety: Design, synthesis and investigation of weak interactions in the crystal structures    M.Sc.    momenzadehabardeh, zahrasadat    2014-08-16
26    Design, synthesis and investigation of new transition-metal coordination compounds withThiazole- carboxamide ligand: A combination of experimental and theoretical studies of crystal engineering approach    M.Sc.    tavakoli, fateme    2013-12-28
27    Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and structural study of some new phosphoric triamides with formula (C۶F۵C(O)NHP(O)(NR۱R۲)۲ and (۴-NO۲-C۶H۴C(O)NH)P(O)(NR۱R۲)۲ and preparation of the new complex Fe(NO۳)۳(P(O)(NH(C۶h۱۱)۳)۳.۲CH۳COCH۳, statistical analysis of geometry parameters of molecules wi    Ph.D    Rostamichaijan, Mahnaz    2013-10-02
28    Syntheses and characterization of crystal and molecular structures of new magnetic coordination polymers containing short range bridging ligands in the presence of O‒donor co‒ligands with some transition metals and investigation of sonochemical method effects on morphology and some their physical pr    Ph.D    hassanpoor, azam    2013-10-02
29    Design, synthesis, and characterisation of supramolecular frameworks of inorganic-organic hybrids-based Keggin type-polyoxoanions, and 2,6-dicarboxylic acids isomeric ligands and some transition metals    Ph.D    Najafi, Atefeh    2013-10-02
30    Crystal engineering of new mercury(ӏӏ) halide complexes with unflexible (rigid) carboxamide ligand including furan ring    M.Sc.    mohamadzade sepehri, somayeh    2012-10-20
31    ِDesign,synthesis and crystal engineering of new series of mercury (II) halide complexes with flexible carboxamide ligand based on furan and pyrazine rings :survey the role of weak interactions in crystal packing    M.Sc.    purnajaf, hamed    2012-10-20
32    Consideration of substituent site of carboxylate and carboxamide functional groups effect of pyridine derivatives ligands on crystalline structure of coordination compounds containing some transition metals    Ph.D    yousefie, zakieh    2011-07-04